Here was the view at the U on my late afternoon walk.. no students, no cars… the city is holding its breath. U of A’s fantastic basketball team is in the Sweet Sixteen, playing against San Diego State starting in a few minutes. If they win they will make the Elite Eight! People are INTO University athletics here. They were selling tshirts all over town today. It’s fun. I am so not into it, but have not said that out loud!DSCN1821Today was the real last coffee group get together…. Sue (whose grandson just had a horrible motorcycle accident so she wanted some non- hospital time)… not Bev who suddenly had to see a cardiologist this morning after a ‘spell’ yesterday in the grocery store… Mary who was on her way for blood tests… but so happy they could join me one last time. Honestly I think that Americans have more medical visits and surgeries than we do. Not what I was expecting to find here! These women have probably always had private insurance so they may not be typical, not sure!DSCN1810Here are a few new blooms…

DSCN1814 DSCN1823Just after I took these shots I saw a young guy working awfully hard to propel himself thru the campus in a wheel chair and offered help. He was willing to accept. He had one arm, one leg, and a manual chair. It was painful to watch. I pushed him left…  right… straight… found out that, like me, he simply enjoyed hanging out at the U and was heading home to catch the game… and eventually to his bus stop a block from my house. I got a shy, quiet thank you and goodbye.

I backtracked to the campus. I have been in love with this cactus all winter and was determined to remember to take its picture. Look at the size of the pads on this beauty. It will bloom and produce fruit that’s quite sweet apparently, but you have to wear gloves when you crack it open…DSCN182532- 28 at the half, SD is ahead. Oh dear!


saying the perfect thing…


I went to my favourite yoga class this morning. I gave Tanya a tshirt last time. It was just like mine but in the perfect colour for her. Here’s mine…DSCN1805Tanya (sporting an impish grin that she also wears when she’s encouraging us to do things like standing splits and 47 sun salutations in a row) was wearing hers this morning… cut apart, restitched and remodelled and with a little bling added…DSCN1802 DSCN1803How I love this girl. She has inspired and charmed me since the first week I landed in Tucson. And given a mean massage or three!

Today I hugged her and thanked her for being the best Tucson gift. I thought it better to do the goodbye today because by friday there’ll likely be tears. She said “Just know that I love you and want to BE you!”

So there were tears today after all. I cried, as a matter of fact, all 22 minutes of the drive to Arizona Car Corrections where I had the pre-trip package and had the Acura pronounced ready to roll.

So here I am telling you about this and in tears once again. Here’s my point. Say something that makes someone’s day and lodges forever in their heart… today… tomorrow… whenever!

Bless you Miss T!



Have a look at this beautiful cactus… DSCN1775Today started with me waking to loud voices… thought the radio must be on. Nope. It was the young daughter from next door who was talking non stop when I fell asleep and perhaps took a break during the night time hours?? Not sure. She’s not happy. She’s not been happy since January 1. Let me know if you need more details. Anyhow I yelled “Shut up!” from my bed, then started my day.

Last coffee with the ladies. Ive decided not to return to Tucson next winter, but will see them all again I hope…. Acupuncture… Packing…

I took some shots at the U…DSCN1778 DSCN1779 DSCN1799Remember the class I was heading to when I did the big crash? I went over to watch them today…DSCN1797DSCN1795Mary too… going to miss her!DSCN1794Out for tacos with Mary to end the day. Home by 8. Old! Perfect!

the letter carrier

Outside of the grocery store this morning, the letter carrier stopped me and said, “Is that a Canadian haircut?”

I said yes.

“It’s really cute! Enjoy your stay!”

Where did that come from? (I do like being cute tho!)

And today there’s a “fire wind warning”. That’s a new one!


Just in case you think arizona is perfect…

I had a bug in my kitchen last night… Walked in, turned on the light and saw something about the size of a small jet scurrying for a hiding place on my counter. I raced over, tried to capture him… he was fast… all over the counter, down the cupboard door, to the floor, into a corner… eeeyuck! I told him I didnt want to kill him , just told him to go back out the way he came in. He seemed to get it.

Now I can hear some of you… it’s a bug Laurie!!!!! Well this bug , according to the locals, is called a sewer cockroach. Even you must admit that is pretty creepy sounding.

I went on with my evening life. I must admit to a moment of thinking I would stuff towels under the bedroom door to keep him out when I went to bed. But I didnt give in to that urge, and slept well, alone!!


This village south of Tucson has been beckoning for two winters… off I went today.            Tubac, like much of Southern Arizona has a bloody history. Early home to Apache,            Tohono O’odham and Pima Indians, it was invaded by catholic priests and Spanish conquerors. It became a presidio (fort) in the mid 1700’s. The Mexicans invaded after that. Today at the village gate, four flags fly in peaceful reminder of the past.

Hundreds of california poppies blowing in the wind…DSCN1714 DSCN1715 DSCN1716 DSCN1717the shops….

DSCN1718 DSCN1719 DSCN1721DSCN1725 DSCN1732 DSCN1739 DSCN1743 DSCN1744leaving town… view of the Santa Ritas…

DSCN1746Never ceases to amaze!

Inspirations continue..

‘Rose Cabat is an American studio ceramicist living in Tucson. Considered one of the most important ceramic artists of the Mid-century Modernist movement, Cabat is best known for her innovative glazes on small porcelain pots called “feelies” which she developed in the 1960s. Her organic forms often resemble the shape of onions and figs, and her glazes range from organic to jewel tones. Cabat was born in 1914 in the Bronx, New York, began to work in ceramics in the late 1930′s, and moved to Arizona in 1942, where she continued to make innovative ceramics. This exhibition will be a survey of her different styles from the 1960s until the present to celebrate the year of her 100th birthday.”

I went to the Museum of Art yesterday to see the new exhibits, primarily this one of the ceramics of a 100 year old Tucson artist. What a character she is.

On the weekend it was the Festival of Books at the University. 100,000 people attend. Famous authors. Writers peddling their first great novel! We got overwhelmed by the crowd and the lineups, so were forced to listen to bluegrass and watch a mexican cooking demo… tough day.DSCN1650And then today’s signs of spring…….DSCN1673 DSCN1674 DSCN1680 DSCN1684 DSCN1686And I kind of like this out of focus shadowy one taken in the Arizona Inn garden…

DSCN1669Have a good sleep everyone… three hours behind you these days!